This White 14-Yr-Outdated Having An Wonderful Time Doing Parkour Alone Whereas Blasting ‘A Milli’ Has No Thought He’s Being Secretly Filmed For A TikTok That Will Go Viral And Smash His Life

Brace yourself because the story that’s currently playing out in Hatboro, PA will absolutely crush you: This white 14 year old who is having a great time doing parkour alone while blowing “A Milli” is having no idea he’s secretly being filmed for a TikTok, this is going to go viral and ruin his life. … Read more

After 93 Years On Earth, That is All The Knowledge He Has To Provide? Grandpa Simply Mentioned It is Necessary To Have Enjoyable In Life

Since we’ve seen so many changes in the world and seen so much history, there are no limits to what we can learn from seniors. But even if they have experienced countless extraordinary things in their lives, one cannot always assume that they are invaluable sources of wisdom: After a long and eventful 93 years, … Read more

Utterly Unrealistic: This Beer Business Makes Life Look Enjoyable

Completely Unrealistic: This Beer Commercial Makes Life Look Fun

It’s pretty common for advertisements to push the boundaries of reality to sell a product, but this really goes too far: this beer commercial makes life fun. Um, yeah, sorry. We have to call this total bullshit. The new TV commercial for Michelob beer kicks off with a group of attractive 20-year-olds piled into a … Read more

U.S. Activists Attempt to Halt an Australian Manner of Life: Killing Kangaroos

U.S. Activists Try to Halt an Australian Way of Life: Killing Kangaroos

“If we don’t, the cockies will blow them up,” said Mr White, using a slang term for smallholders. “You won’t stop.” In the end, the dispute over the Australian kangaroo industry was always partly about cruelty and only partly about animals. Most viscerally, it is about whose values ​​prevail. For Mr. Pacelle, Australia’s professional hunters … Read more

The Telling of DMX’s Life Story

The Telling of DMX’s Life Story

In the late 1990s, there was no rapper more popular than DMX, who drove a string of energetic and serious hits to the top of the Billboard album charts with each of their first five albums. The life he lived – from abusive childhood to addictive adulthood – was rugged, stormy, and distinctive. He died … Read more

Satoko Fujii, a Pianist Who Finds Music Hidden within the Particulars of Life

Satoko Fujii, a Pianist Who Finds Music Hidden in the Details of Life

Whether she plays the solo piano or directs one of her various large ensembles, pianist and composer Satoko Fujii will pull you into the details. Fujii is the leader of a dizzying array of ensembles, large and small, and arguably the most prolific pianist in jazz – albeit one of the least recognized. She has … Read more