Bride Tragically Dies Throughout Wedding ceremony, Groom Marries Her Sister on the Similar Day

Bride Tragically Dies During Wedding, Groom Marries Her Sister on the Same Day

In arguably the strangest wedding ceremony of 2021, an Indian married the bride’s sister after his fiancĂ© died of a heart attack during the wedding. The bizarre incident occurred last week in the Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh. The young bride Surabhi suddenly passed out right next to the groom Manjesh Kumar, shortly before the … Read more

Man Marries four Occasions, Divorces three Occasions in 37 Day to Qualify for Prolonged Paid Depart

Man Marries 4 Times, Divorces 3 Times in 37 Day to Qualify for Extended Paid Leave

One Taiwanese man had the genius of getting extended paid leave from work: he married four times and divorced three times in just 37 days. Under Taiwan law, a person has the right to 8 days of paid work leave when they get married. This is exactly what an unnamed employee received when he got … Read more