The Desert Healer – Man Spends Two Many years Creating Inexperienced Oasis in Center of Chilly Desert

Anand Dhawaj Negi, a retired bureaucrat turned desert builder, spent over two decades of his life transforming the cold wastes of northern India’s Himachal Pradesh into a vibrant oasis. In 1977 the Indian government launched an ambitious program to mitigate the negative effects of desertification in the cold and hot deserts of the Asian country. … Read more

Biden has a historic alternative within the Center East to foster progress

Biden has a historic opportunity in the Middle East to foster progress

President Biden’s long experience in the Senate and White House taught him that the Middle East could be quicksand for his ambitions as president. So it was no accident that his goals in the Middle East were modest, aimed at avoiding resource-damaging distractions from his national ambitions and international priorities: reloading the US economy and … Read more

Clubhouse App Creates Area for Open Discuss in Center East

Clubhouse App Creates Space for Open Talk in Middle East

The clubhouse policy prohibits users from recording conversations without attendees’ consent. However, the company states that audio will be temporarily recorded to investigate reports of policy violations. It was not specified who could listen to such recordings and when. A clubhouse spokeswoman declined to comment. But something about the spontaneous, intimate nature of the conversations … Read more

Empty Center Seats on Planes Reduce Coronavirus Threat in Examine

Empty Middle Seats on Planes Cut Coronavirus Risk in Study

Leaving the center seats vacant during a flight could reduce passenger exposure to coronavirus in the air by 23 to 57 percent. This is what researchers reported in a new study that modeled how aerosolized virus particles spread in a simulated aircraft cabin. “Next is always better in terms of exposure,” said Byron Jones, a … Read more

Dubai’s Love Lake – Two Hearts within the Center of the Desert

Dubai’s Love Lake – Two Hearts in the Middle of the Desert

Love Lake, a heart-shaped man-made lake in the desert near Dubai, is probably one of the most impressive attractions for romantic couples visiting the Middle East. From its iconic palm-shaped island to skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai has no shortage of world-famous attractions, but there’s so much more to explore in the desert surrounding … Read more

Wilhelmstein Island – A Lovely Retreat within the Center of a German Lake

Wilhelmstein Island - A Beautiful Retreat in the Middle of a German Lake

Wilhelmstein Island, an artificial island on Lake Steinhude in the Hanover region of northwest Germany, seems like the perfect place to isolate yourself during a pandemic. The history of the island Wilhelmstein began in 1761 when Count Wilhelm von Schaumburg-Lippe, ruler of the county of Schaumburg-Lippe-Bückeburg and important military commander in the Seven Years War, … Read more

This Center Schooler Simply Selected ‘Questlove’ As Her French Class Title And The Instructor Simply Nodded And Mentioned Certain

This Middle Schooler Just Chose ‘Questlove’ As Her French Class Name And The Teacher Just Nodded And Said Sure

Now that schools have been isolated for almost a year due to the ongoing pandemic, challenging working conditions have started to weigh on teachers, some of whom are now ready to let things slip that they would not have under normal circumstances. Case in point: this middle school student just chose “Questlove” as her French … Read more

Center East arms honest, forecasters see 10% drop in Gulf spending

Middle East arms fair, forecasters see 10% drop in Gulf spending

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (C) of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Commander in Chief of the UAE Armed Forces, looks at a scale model of a T-14 Armata tank from UralVagonZavod Research and Development Corporation at the IDEX 2021 International Defense Exhibition & Conference . Photo by TASS | … Read more