Colonial Pipeline Resumes Operation: Newest Information on the Shutdown

Colonial Pipeline Resumes Operation: Latest News on the Shutdown

The operator of the Colonial Pipeline announced on Wednesday that it had started to resume pipeline operations. “It will take a few days for the supply chain for product delivery to return to normal,” the company said on its website. “In some markets served by Colonial Pipeline, there may or continue to be intermittent business … Read more

How Race Performs a Half in Operation Varsity Blues

BOSTON, MA - MARCH 12: William

Image Source: Getty / Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe Neflix’s Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal has further exposed the largest college admissions scandal to date, bringing attention to the pervasive nature of how rich, primarily white parents schemed a system that was already skewed in favor of their children. Education is perceived … Read more

Operation Varsity Blues: The place Is Rick Singer in 2021?

BOSTON, MA - MARCH 12: William

At the start of the bribery scandal in 2019, it emerged that William “Rick” Singer was orchestrating the seedy deals that helped the children of wealthy parents get into elite universities. Netflix’s crime docudrama Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admission Scandal shows how the academic advisor worked with federal agencies fairly early on in his … Read more