Biden Orders Intelligence Inquiry Into Origins of the Coronavirus

Biden Orders Intelligence Inquiry Into Origins of the Coronavirus

The information about the three workers came from outside the US intelligence community’s own collection, which means that its accuracy is more difficult to authenticate. The source of the information was unclear, but several American officials said they believed the report that the three researchers became ill. American intelligence officials do not know whether the … Read more

Court docket Orders Man to Financially Compensate Ex-Spouse for Housekeeping

Court Orders Man to Financially Compensate Ex-Wife for Housework

In a landmark divorce decree, a Chinese court ordered a man to pay his ex-wife thousands of dollars in compensation for household chores done during their five-year marriage. According to court records, the man, identified only as Chen, filed for divorce from his wife Wang last year after being married for five years. Although the … Read more

Biden Orders Airstrikes in Syria Concentrating on Iran-Backed Militias

Biden Orders Airstrikes in Syria Targeting Iran-Backed Militias

WASHINGTON – The United States on Thursday launched air strikes in eastern Syria against buildings that the Pentagon said were Iran-backed militias responsible for recent attacks against American and allied personnel in Iraq. President Biden approved the strikes in response to the missiles in Iraq and the ongoing threats to American and coalition personnel there, … Read more

Polish Courtroom Orders Students to Apologize Over Holocaust Examine

Polish Court Orders Scholars to Apologize Over Holocaust Study

WARSAW – A Polish judge Tuesday ordered two Holocaust scholars to publicly apologize for including “inaccurate information” in a two-volume academic study examining the role of individual Poles in the murder of Jews during World War II . The order came at the end of a closely watched libel trial initiated by the niece of … Read more