‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ Overview: Rising Up, Far From House

‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ Review: Growing Up, Far From Home

Caroline Link’s “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit” paints a strangely comfortable portrait of refugee life, looking at displacement and the impending Holocaust mainly through the experience of a child, Anna Kemper (a fascinating Riva Krymalowski). The result is a movie that is almost as cozy as the toy in its title. We meet 9-year-old Anna … Read more

NASA explains pink blob above Margate was results of Division of Protection analysis

NASA explains pink blob above Margate was result of Department of Defense research

The residents of Margate were among those who were startled by the sight of a strange pink mass in the sky last week, which sparked the usual speculation about extraterrestrial activity, why not? The event was observed last Wednesday evening after sunset over the city of Jersey Shore. I was driving home tonight and had … Read more

Pink Sweats Harnesses the Energy of Niceness

Pink Sweats Harnesses the Power of Niceness

Pink Sweats – the singer and songwriter David Bowden – is getting more and more beautiful. Since 2018 he has already collected hundreds of millions of streams with singles and EPs. Now he has released his official debut album “Pink Planet”. He connects with an audience that demands comfort and reassurance rather than tension and … Read more