Professional-tax millionaires launching protests in entrance of Jeff Bezos’ dwelling

Pro-tax millionaires launching protests in front of Jeff Bezos' home

A mobile billboard demanding higher taxes for the ultra-rich displays a picture of billionaire Jeff Bezos near the U.S. Capitol on May 17, 2021 in Washington, DC. Drew Angerer | Getty Images Millionaires who urged the rich to pay more taxes started on Monday, Tax Day, protests in New York and Washington – including in … Read more

Protests Explode in Colombia, Leaving At Least 24 Lifeless

Protests Explode in Colombia, Leaving At Least 24 Dead

BOGOTÁ, Colombia – A teenager was shot dead after kicking a police officer. A young man bleeds in the street as protesters call for help. Police shoot unarmed demonstrators. Helicopters swarm over us, tanks roll through neighborhoods, explosions echoed in the streets. A mother crying for her son. “We are destroyed,” said Milena Meneses, 39, … Read more

Myanmar Might Goal Free Speech in Effort to Stifle Protests

Myanmar May Target Free Speech in Effort to Stifle Protests

The military government in Myanmar has increasingly used nighttime arrests, legal threats, a curfew and a ban on large gatherings to tame week-long anti-coup protests that have spread from cities to rural areas. Now civil society groups fear that the military is preparing a new law that would further restrict online expression and limit citizens’ … Read more

Chile Police Taking pictures Results in Protests in Southern City


Protests in a city in southern Chile on Friday saw angry protesters reacting to the fatal shots of a street juggler by police and local media. The shooting took place in the city of Panguipulli on Friday afternoon after police officers tried to verify the juggler’s identity, ADN Radio Chile reported. On Friday evening, video … Read more