Nations weigh mandates and incentives to drive up vaccination charges.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed economic and social upheaval around the world, but Covid-19 vaccines have made the gap even wider: while some poor countries are asking for doses to save their populations, some rich countries are inundated with gunfire and lack of takers. For example, a handful of US states have tried to create … Read more

South Might See Summer time Covid Surge as Vaccination Charges Lag

Experts fear states across the south that lag behind vaccination rates could face spikes in coronavirus cases in the summer. A dozen states – many in the northeast including Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut – have already hit at least 70 percent of adults on at least one vaccine dose, a goal President Biden set for … Read more

Rising airfares and resort charges are making holidays costlier

Passengers wearing face masks as a preventive measure against the spread of Covid-19 are seen on an escalator at Orlando International Airport. Paul Hennessy | LightRocket | Getty Images The number of people returning is increasing. So are the prices. Airfares and hotel prices rise as the highest number of travelers return since the pandemic … Read more

Antibody charges amongst Black and Hispanic New Yorkers are double these of others, new estimates present.

Antibody rates among Black and Hispanic New Yorkers are double those of others, new estimates show.

New York City health officials estimate that nearly a quarter of adult New Yorkers were infected with the coronavirus during last spring’s disastrous wave, and that the population of blacks and Hispanics was even higher. The estimates, based on antibody test results for more than 45,000 residents of the city last year, suggest that black … Read more

Powell says it is ‘extremely unlikely’ the Fed will increase charges this 12 months, regardless of stronger financial system

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Kevin Lamarque | Reuters Despite its rapidly recovering economy, Fed chairman Jerome Powell reiterated the central bank’s commitment on Sunday to keep monetary policy loose. That includes a near-sure statement that interest rates are going nowhere as inflation remains low and millions of Americans continue to need help as the … Read more