Russian Man “Trapped” on Chinese language Actuality Present Lastly Will get Voted Out

A 27-year-old Russian who has been pleading with viewers for months to vote him out of a reality show by a Chinese boy band has finally granted his wish, but not before he made it to the finals. Vladislav Ivanov, a translator and part-time model from Vladivostok, Russia, is finally free after two tiring months. … Read more

Russian Couple Share Their Home With Full-Grown Mountain Lion

Aleksandr and Maria Dmitriev, a young couple from Penza, Russia, have shared their home with a mountain lion for three years. Cats are among the two most common pets in the world, but the cat Aleksandr and Maria Dmitriev live with in their small one-bedroom apartment is a little different. Messi is a 3-year-old puma, … Read more

Czechs Blame 2014 Blasts at Ammunition Depots on Elite Russian Spy Unit

Czechs Blame 2014 Blasts at Ammunition Depots on Elite Russian Spy Unit

The Czech Republic on Saturday accused a series of mysterious explosions in Czech ammunition dumps from 2014 by an elite unit of Russian military intelligence – a group that linked the UK to a nerve agent targeting a former Russian spy in Salisbury, England, in 2018. Prime Minister Andrej Babis said at a press conference … Read more

Russian Officers Plead With Vacationers to Cease Taking Selfies Subsequent to Erupting Volcano

Russian Officials Plead With Tourists to Stop Taking Selfies Next to Erupting Volcano

The Russian Emergency Ministry was forced to publicly warn of the deadly danger of approaching the crater of an erupting volcano after photos and videos of daredevils surfaced online right next to a lava-filled volcanic cone. Klyuchevskaya Sopka, an active volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East, recently became a hotspot for adrenaline-seeking … Read more

Russian Marketing campaign Promotes Homegrown Vaccine and Undercuts Rivals

Russian Campaign Promotes Homegrown Vaccine and Undercuts Rivals

Intelligence officials in the United States noticed the first surge in Russia against Spanish-speaking communities in August when President Vladimir V. Putin announced that he had given Sputnik V approval. Since then, Russia’s campaign has intensified, said two intelligence officials, who spoke to the New York Times on condition of anonymity because they were not … Read more