‘For These I Love’ Units Unhappy Tales to Digital Beats

David Balfe feels guilty. The Irish musician’s debut album “For These I Love”, which he recorded under the same name, had the success most artists only dream of: it received wide critical acclaim and was only beaten at number one in the Irish Justin Bieber album charts. But the record wasn’t made for public release, … Read more

She Was Deeply Moved by Refugees’ Tales. So She Informed Them in Tune.

Diana Jones is known as an unusually empathetic singer-songwriter, an astute observer of human existence whose heart is with those who suffer and are oppressed. Since her debut in 1997, Jones has created indelible narratives from the perspective of an abused woman considering pointing a gun at her abuser and a miner trapped underground while … Read more

Three Optimistic Tales from the Medical World You Could Have Missed

3 Positive Stories from the Medical World You May Have Missed

The past year has undoubtedly been a unanimous low in countless ways. From the loneliness of our personal lives to the disruption of once immutable industries, it would be no surprise to anyone to say that the weight of this constant influx of bad news through 2020 far exceeded the resilience implanted in us by … Read more

Terrifying Nationwide Park Tales Half I

Terrifying National Park Stories Part I

There is no denying that national parks around the world are vital to preserving the natural world. They protect nature from development and pollution, provide shelter for plants and animals, and preserve remarkable natural features. But they can also be super scary. The United States national parks do not disclose how many people are missing … Read more