Covid Sufferer Allegedly Denied Depart, Goes to Work With Oxygen Assist

Covid Sufferer Allegedly Denied Leave, Goes to Work With Oxygen Support

A bank teller in India recovering from the coronavirus disease that ravaged his country was reportedly denied vacation and had to come to work while plugged into an oxygen tank. Arvind Kumar works as a manager at a Bokaro branch of the Punjab National Bank in Jharkhand state and recently showed up at his workplace … Read more

Uncommon Situation Makes Sound of Different Folks’s Respiration Insufferable to Sufferer

Rare Condition Makes Sound of Other People’s Breathing Unbearable to Sufferer

A Scottish woman with a rare disease called misophonia is so upset by other people’s breathing that she once asked doctors to surgically deaf her. Misophonia is described as a strong dislike or hatred of certain sounds that trigger strong emotional or physiological responses that most people consider unreasonable. This condition, also known as “Sound … Read more