The UK tech occasion attended by the wealthy and well-known

LONDON – Hundreds of the biggest names in Europe’s tech industry gathered with politicians and wealthy investors on the lawns of the Soho Farmhouse private member club in rural England for one of the first major tech events in over a year. Attendees at Thursday’s annual Founders Forum event included former UK Prime Minister David … Read more

What Information About You Can the Authorities Get From Massive Tech?

What Data About You Can the Government Get From Big Tech?

Law enforcement agencies can use arrest warrants in other ways as well. The police issued Google arrest warrants for all devices that were near the crime scene. The companies say they sometimes work with law enforcement agencies to narrow down their inquiries so that the companies only share information that is relevant to a case. … Read more

Lawmakers, Taking Purpose at Large Tech, Push Sweeping Overhaul of Antitrust

Lawmakers, Taking Aim at Big Tech, Push Sweeping Overhaul of Antitrust

WASHINGTON – House lawmakers on Friday put extensive antitrust laws in place aimed at limiting the power of big tech and preventing corporate consolidation. If passed, the bills would be the most ambitious update of monopoly laws in decades. The bills – five in total – are aimed directly at Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google … Read more

In Leak Investigation, Tech Giants Are Caught Between Courts and Clients

In Leak Investigation, Tech Giants Are Caught Between Courts and Customers

On February 6, 2018, Apple received a grand jury subpoena for the names and phone details associated with 109 email addresses and phone numbers. It was one of more than 250 requests for data the company received an average of every week from US law enforcement at the time. An Apple lawyer complied and provided … Read more

Natixis on international chip scarcity, U.S.-China tech conflict

Natixis on global chip shortage, U.S.-China tech war

The global chip shortage is causing problems for multiple industries and showing no signs of subsiding, but don’t expect prices for all types of chips to skyrocket, says Asia-Pacific chief economist at research firm Natixis. Automakers are hardest hit by the scarcity, but the crisis affects everything from game consoles to televisions. But not all … Read more

Shares reduce positive aspects as tech and well being care lag, Dow up 50 factors

Stocks cut gains as tech and health care lag, Dow up 50 points

US stocks trimmed early gains to trade the flatline on Tuesday as optimism about the economic reopening met persistent fears of inflation and price pressures. The Dow added a modest 60 points, or 0.2%, after gaining up to 300 points after the opening bell in New York. The S&P 500 was unchanged as weakness in … Read more

Nasdaq futures slip after a sell-off in Massive Tech pushes shares off data

Nasdaq futures slip after a sell-off in Big Tech pushes stocks off records

FAANG shares are listed on the Nasdaq. Adam Jeffery | CNBC Nasdaq futures slipped early Tuesday morning after investors punished big tech stocks during the regular session, pushing both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 off record levels. S&P 500 futures traded 0.8% lower, while those pegged to the Dow fell 180 … Read more