Mandolin classes, meditation, private coaching: three Covid entrepreneurs

Mandolin lessons, meditation, personal training: 3 Covid entrepreneurs

Banjo Ben Clark Zoe Weaver Als aufstrebender Mandolinen-Spieler habe ich jahrelang nach YouTube-Videos gesucht, um verschiedene Bluegrass-Licks zu lernen, und bin häufig auf Lektionen von einem Mann gestoßen, der Banjo Ben besucht. In den frühen Tagen der Pandemie, als wir alle nach Wegen suchten, produktiv und gesund zu bleiben, während wir zu Hause feststeckten, klimperte … Read more

Intense Energy Coaching Does Not Ease Knee Ache, Examine Finds

Intense Strength Training Does Not Ease Knee Pain, Study Finds

The idea made so much sense that it’s rarely been questioned: exercise to strengthen the muscles around the knee will help patients with osteoarthritis and make moving the inflamed joint easier and less painful. Nearly 40 percent of Americans over 65 have knee osteoarthritis, and tens of millions of patients have been instructed to do … Read more

Iron Shoe Coaching – Man Workout routines by Strolling With 150 Kg. Hooked up to His Ft

Iron Shoe Training – Man Exercises by Walking With 150 Kg. Attached to His Feet

A Chinese man has received a lot of attention on Asian social media because of his unique exercise regimen – walking with 150kg steel plates on his feet. Zhang Enshun, a 42-year-old man from Yulin City in the Chinese province of Guangxi, has trained the art of “iron shoe” over the past five months and … Read more