Japan’s Mesmerizing Tree Circles Are the Results of a 50-12 months Experiment

A cedar forest in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, is home to a few unusual crop-circle-like patterns that are clearly not accidental. Photos of the bizarre patterns, only visible from above, made their way on the internet about three years ago, fueling all sorts of conspiracy theories, ranging from aliens to secret government experiments. Well, this second … Read more

California Tree Is Nonetheless Smoldering After Final Summer season’s Wildfires

California Tree Is Still Smoldering After Last Summer’s Wildfires

Scientists and firefighters in California recently discovered a giant sequoia tree that is still smoldering and smoking almost a year after the area was destroyed by massive forest fires. The 2020 Castle Fire, which broke out last August and scorched more than 150,000 acres, including at least 10 sequoia groves in the area. Nobody knows … Read more

India’s ‘Mango Man’ Creates Mango Tree That Produces 300 Completely different Varieties

India’s ‘Mango Man’ Creates Mango Tree That Produces 300 Different Varieties

Haji Kalimullah Khan, also known as Mango Man, is a world-renowned gardener and fruit grower known for his accomplishments in breeding mangoes and in particular for crowning a mango tree that produces 300 different varieties. When Haji Kalimullah Khan dropped out of school at the age of 15 to make growing and raising mangoes his … Read more

The Fish That Mimics a Useless Tree Leaf to Catch Unsuspecting Prey

The South American leaf fish is a remarkable predator that relies on near-perfect camouflage and patience to ambush unsuspecting prey and escape larger predators. The aptly named leaf fish is native to the Amazon basin in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela and is an excellent mimic of a dead leaf that swims near the … Read more