New York Turns to Sensible Thermometers for Illness Detection in Faculties

And then of course there are the inevitable privacy concerns. Kinsa emphasizes that all data made available to the city is aggregated and anonymized. “None of the individual data goes to anyone other than that person,” said Mr Singh. “You have the data, and we’re really persistent with it.” While digital privacy experts say these … Read more

Artist Turns Generic Collectible figurines into Extremely-Lifelike Sculptures of Anime Characters

A talented Japanese artist uses airbrush and classic paint brushes to turn generic plastic figurines of popular anime characters into custom works of art. The mysterious artist who visits MA Man on social media specializes in taking commercially available characters from popular anime series from series like Dragon Ball or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, treating them … Read more

Cosmetics Firm in Scorching Water After Its Paper Bottle Turns Out to Be Plastic

Cosmetics Company in Hot Water After Its Paper Bottle Turns Out to Be Plastic

South Korean beauty brand Innisfree drew a lot of criticism after it was discovered that a paper bottle was plastic that was simply wrapped in thin cardboard. Innisfree, a company that specializes in naturally-inspired beauty products, apparently didn’t expect anyone to actually check that the bottle for their facial serum was actually made of paper, … Read more

Busty Feminine YouTuber Turns Out to Be 37-Yr-Previous Man

Busty Female YouTuber Turns Out to Be 37-Year-Old Man

A popular Japanese YouTuber with tens of thousands of fans mainly focused on filming her generous bosom recently appeared as a 37-year-old male who had used a silicone breast prosthesis. Chiharu (む ね 肉 ち は る) didn’t start her YouTube career until December last year, but by the end of March 2021 she had … Read more

Indian Man Turns Barren Land Into 10,000-Tree Orchard

Indian Man Turns Barren Land Into 10,000-Tree Orchard

An Indian who began planting trees in a barren, sand-filled field 15 years ago is now being praised for turning the wasteland into an orchard of 10,000 trees. Satyendra Gautam Manjhi, a simple man from the small village of Imaliyachak in the Indian state of Bihar, claims he was inspired to plant trees after being … Read more