Fb to start testing advertisements inside Oculus digital actuality headsets

Facebook to begin testing ads inside Oculus virtual reality headsets

Mark Zuckerberg delivers a keynote address at the Oculus Connect 5 Facebook event in San Jose, California on September 26, 2018. Screenshot Facebook announced on Wednesday that it would begin testing ads that appear on the company’s Oculus virtual reality headsets. In May, the company announced it would run ads on the Oculus mobile app, … Read more

Meet China’s First AI-Powered Digital College Scholar

Hua Zhibing officially enrolled on Tuesday and is a student at Beijing Tsinghua University. But she’s not just another student, she’s China’s first AI-powered virtual student. Hua Zhibing’s look, voice, and even the background music of the vlog in which she introduced herself to the world were all created using a record breaking AI modeling … Read more

Digital Actuality Remedy Plunges Sufferers Again Into Trauma. Right here Is Why Some Swear by It.

Virtual Reality Therapy Plunges Patients Back Into Trauma. Here Is Why Some Swear by It.

“VR won’t be a solution,” said Jonathan Rogers, a researcher at University College London who has studied the rate of anxiety disorders during the pandemic. “It may be part of the solution, but it won’t obsolete drugs and formal therapies.” Does VR therapy work? Virtual reality treatments aren’t necessarily more effective than traditional long-term therapy, … Read more

Air Power Tries Digital Actuality to Stem Suicide and Sexual Assault

Air Force Tries Virtual Reality to Stem Suicide and Sexual Assault

MCGUIRE AIR FORCE BASE, NJ – The three airmen sat still, setting their headsets and muttering to their colleague, who was in significant trouble. “Everyone walks through rough patches sometimes,” everyone said, moments apart, to the same desperate and slightly intoxicated man whose wife had recently left him and who seemed to be deep in … Read more

Decentralized On line casino Hiring Digital Greeters. Say What?

Decentralized Casino Hiring Virtual Greeters. Say What?

In this day and age, video games offer interactions with all kinds of computer generated bots that help us through new worlds with prepared answers. If you’ve ever visited Decentraland, the decentralized virtual world, you know that this also applies. However, one of the Metaverse’s crypto casinos is trying to keep people busy to play … Read more

Pioneering Artist Paints in Digital Actuality and Her Works Are Past Spectacular

Pioneering Artist Paints in Virtual Reality and Her Works Are Beyond Impressive

Talented Franco-Russian artist Anna Zhilyaeva has pushed the boundaries of painting by combining the centuries-old art form with one of the most advanced technologies of our time, virtual reality. Of all the uses for virtual reality, painting probably wasn’t high on your list, and that’s what makes Anna Zhilyaeva’s art so special. With software such … Read more