Ignored No Extra: Bhanu Athaiya, Who Gained India Its First Oscar

This article is part of Overlooked, a series of obituaries of notable people whose deaths went unreported in The Times after 1851. When Bhanu Athaiya won an Oscar for costume design for her work on Gandhi in 1983, not everyone in Hollywood was thrilled. “What for? Wrinkled sheets, linen sacks and loincloths?” The film critic … Read more

Google Gained. So Did Tech.

Google Won. So Did Tech.

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it on weekdays. On Monday, the Supreme Court said it was kosher to copy someone else’s computer code in some cases. This earned Google a victory in a decade-long court battle with Oracle over the courage of the Android … Read more

The Taliban Suppose They Have Gained in Afghanistan, Peace Deal or Not

The Taliban Think They Have Won in Afghanistan, Peace Deal or Not

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Taliban’s bragging rights are unmistakable. From the recent bellicose speech by their deputy leader with “conquests” to mocking references to the “foreign masters” of the “illegitimate” government in Kabul to the Taliban’s own website where “puppets” were killed – Afghan soldiers – that’s them Promoting a Bold Message: We have already … Read more