Girl Allegedly Offers Beginning to 10 Infants in World’s First Case of Decuplets

Gosiame Thamara Sithole, a 37-year-old woman from South Africa, reportedly gave birth to the world’s first decuples – 10 babies from a single pregnancy. The first recorded case of Decuplets is currently puzzling because ten days since the woman allegedly gave birth to the 10 babies, no one has seen neither the mother nor the … Read more

Yoshi Wada, Creative Creator of Sound Worlds, Dies at 77

Yoshi Wada, a Japanese-born composer and artist who drew a following who created cacophonic, minimalist performances on homemade instruments and was a member of the Fluxus performance art movement that took root in New York in the 1960s, died on May 18. May at his Manhattan home. He was 77. His son and musical collaborator … Read more

Man Makes use of Lamborghini Exhaust to Cook dinner World’s Most Costly Skewered Meat

Man Uses Lamborghini Exhaust to Cook World’s Most Expensive Skewered Meat

A young Lamborghini owner in China recently gained his five minutes of online fame by trying to grill some skewered pork using the car’s fiery exhaust for about $ 80,000 in repair costs. A few days ago, a group of men gathered around an orange Lamborghini sports car in an underground car park in Changsha, … Read more

World’s First Invisible Sculpture Sells for a Whopping $18,000

World’s First Invisible Sculpture Sells for a Whopping $18,000

An invisible sculpture by Italian artist Salvatore Garau that was recently acquired by a private collector who paid a whopping 15,000 euros for it during an auction. If you’re one of those people who just can’t understand how someone can pay huge sums of money for digital assets like video game skins, accessories, or the … Read more

‘Excessive Floor’ Evaluate: Two Worlds Collide within the Outback

‘High Ground’ Review: Two Worlds Collide in the Outback

This outback western in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Australia, begins in 1919 and depicts a brutal massacre of a group of indigenous peoples called the Yolngu. Above the kill fight is a gunman named Travis (Simon Baker), a member of the group of whites invading the country. The group downstairs has cracked down … Read more

The World’s Smallest Hen Breed Is Additionally the Most Pompous

The World’s Smallest Chicken Breed Is Also the Most Pompous

Serama chickens are the smallest in the world, but you really can’t tell by their attitude. When you see them pose with their heads pulled back and their chests protruding, you’d think they were some kind of feathered bodybuilder. The Serama breed of chickens can be traced back to the 17th century, all the way … Read more

Swim 115 Ft Above London within the World’s Solely See-By way of Sky Pool

The highly anticipated Sky Pool is located 35 meters above the ground between two new residential buildings in London’s Nine Elms business district and gives the impression of swimming through the sky. The transparent outdoor pool with a length of 25 meters was designed by HAL Architects. It’s made of acrylic and can hold up … Read more

Finland Is Once more the World’s Happiest Nation, Report Finds

Finland Is Again the World's Happiest Country, Report Finds

In Finland, a relatively egalitarian society, people tend not to be fixated on “keeping up with the Joneses”. “People are often pretty good at social standards,” said Antti Kauppinen, professor of philosophy at the University of Helsinki. “That is based on the training; Everyone has access to a good education. Income and wealth differences are … Read more