Tahmina Chowdhury Prity video viral on Tiktok/Facebook

Tahmina Chowdhury is a famous TikTok star, within less time she gained huge popularity and followers for her social media accounts. Right now, this girl is loved by everyone because of her lip sync videos, singing, and dancing videos. The whole world is also gossiping about the content she posts on social media.

She always posts entertaining stuff on TikTok which shows her beauty that attracts everyone. This young star has attracted many youngsters and inspired people who are dreaming about their passion for their acting career. Right now, after she is having huge popularity she is receiving paychecks for many songs which are mostly private as a part of promotions.

Tahmina’s name became recognizable for everyone because she maintains highly entertaining content on her social media accounts like TikTok and Instagram. Recently she launched her YouTube channel which is growing towards several subscribers and likes for all the videos she releases.

Right now, she acquires 2.1M followers on the TikTok platform and it is being handled by Glee Digital. In total, her videos have 56.4 million likes. Apart from acting in videos, she is also a fitness influencer as she posts regular content on fitness maintenance about what to eat and when to eat healthy food.

Being an all-rounder, Takhmina Chowdhury is now collaborating with many prestigious and well-known companies. The major tie-up she is having with the modeling industry because she wants to reach her goal. Recently she stated in her social media post that she wants to own her name with a great reputation in the modeling industry.

Coming to her personal details, Tahmina is from Bangladesh and is known as an aspiring mannequin who earns a lot from endorsements and manufacturers. From making videos in TikTok as a hobby she shifted her aim to be the best influencer in social media. Recently a viral video was released where her fans are questioning her about the video but due to some security reasons, the video is unavailable right now. When some random released video went viral, people are scrambling to track her down over social media throughout the internet.

Takhmina Chowdhury is viral on the Tiktok and other platforms for her latest leak photos and joined the modeling industry. The major tie up in which she made videos to become popular because it’s crucial for reaching her goal, which was announced on social media recently by posting an photo and clip which is popular in the fans.

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