Taylor Swift Says Goodbye to 2020 in Bear Costume | Picture

2020 may have been the year Taylor Swift came back stronger than a ’90s trend, but I don’t exactly remember rocking a life-sized bear costume with my jelly bracelets and butterfly clips on it. To usher in the new year and say goodbye to 2020 once and for all, Taylor shared a photo of herself in an artificial bear coat on Instagram. Yes, including your mouth, eyes and nose. “Bye 2020, it was weird,” she said of the post, which is a bit unsettling but also makes a lot of sense.

Through the good and the bad, the “Well, That Might Just Happen” meme seemed applicable year round, and this photo fits just as strange, wonderful, and very 2020. As much as we appreciate (and deeply understand) that Feeling Taylor, we can’t help but ask a few questions about this particular photo:

  • Long story short, we love this look, but where did she get it from?
  • And why the hell was she even wearing it?
  • So, is that a coat or, dare I say a cardigan ?!
  • Wait, is that a clue to them mysterious Woodvale Album? BRB, look for clues!
  • Is she wearing matching pants? And slippers?
  • Can we expect a new music video with Taylor in this amazing costume?
  • Is that the new look for 2021? Should we all wear bear costumes now?
  • We love this look, but why doesn’t it come with paws ?!
  • Is or isn’t that a sign of a new song? New album? New aesthetics? We can no longer bear to wonder Taylor!

Yes, 2020 may have felt unbearable at times, but this photo was definitely a great way to send the year off. Thanks Taylor – it was weird!

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