Tennessee basketball cheerleader video getting viral on Twitter

The internet is the store of enormous content everywhere. We people tend to search for trending topic and end up finding something more interesting. One such incident took place recently, when one video of a Tennessee Cheerleader got viral all around the internet. Social media took things over storm and she gained fame and questions equally without knowing what happened. In this article, you can know everything about what happened in the Tennessee Cheerleader Viral video.

Tennessee Cheerleader incident

Recently, in the match between The Vols and The Razorbacks basketball teams, one of the cheerleader by mistakenly dropped down a card, later she tried to get the attention of the referee so that it don’t disturb the player. But she forgot that, distracting the referee it could be affecting the game a lot. So to ensure that things stay intact, she tried her best. This video was recorded and shared on Twitter. It got leaked and everyone is now talking about this.

Tennessee Cheer leader video: What happened?

What exactly happened in the Tennessee Cheer leader video? Apparently, one of the cheerleader during cheering dropped a business card. She came off the ground and tried to catch the attention of the referee to make sure that the card doesn’t disturb the on-going basketball game. Later, she had to wait till the half time to get the mess cleaned. But unfortunately, the video was caught on the public eyes and everyone started to share it wildly. The cheerleader apologized for the act, which was stated as a minor accident. We hope that things doesn’t go out of hand for her career. But was it really such a big offense?

Matter of fact, yes, it is a big offense trying to distract the referee in an on-going match. The referee has to take care of several aspect in the on-going basketball match. But in the video as we can see, the Tennessee cheerleader tried to take the attention of referee. Later the video got viral on various social media accounts such as Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and YouTube.

Why it is viral on social media?

When this video came out on social media, it quickly went viral on the users. As per the latest statements from few users, it was just a mistake happened at the basketball match. Also the cheerleader apologized to the public for the incident and urged to not share the viral video to public.

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