The BlueBell System Tiktok Indie Walker Death by Suicide

Isn’t it really unexpected to lose someone who has great willing power guiding people through mental issues and personal help? One such personality, BlueBell System whose real name was Indie Walker dies at age 20. The reason for her death is suicide. Fans find it unexpected as Indie herself was a mental health awareness influencer.

Indie walker had 25k followers on Instagram and over 130k followers on TikTok account with almost 4 million likes. Her content on social media was mostly about mental health issues awareness and media that gave people confidence to fight against any health issues related to psychological aid. The fans of Bluebell System sense it really hard to accept the fact about her passing away due to Suicide. As per reports she had mental pressure which led to this step.

There isn’t any suicide note or message that Indie gave to us all before she left this world. Currently, family people are taking up this extremely hard, and they haven’t given any official statement yet about the incident. People all around the internet, her fans, family and friends, netizens are taking it really seriously. They are putting up messages on social media and sending condolences to the ones close to Indie.

After the incident, the investigation hasn’t given any specific reason behind this act of suicide. No reasons or motto was found. Though, a twitter report reveals that Indie was going through some mental pressure making it difficult for to face this world. It strikes hard as she has always tried encouraging people to keep it their life peaceful and have patience against any mental pressure. Then why did she can’t bare it? Maybe her mental pressure was over something that wasn’t easy, and dying made her feel the last option.

There are really heart touching messages that her fans put on different social media. Isn’t life cruel? It takes away people who believe in humanity sooner than others. Looks like we will not be getting any more content from Bluebell System. People who knew her prays for her and wishes her soul to rest in peace.

The BlueBell System is into the trends on social media and Tiktok community. She committed suicide which broke the heart of many fans. Indie Walker had massive Tiktok fans support and following. May her soul rest in peace. Fans also shared messages and paid tribute to the young star The BlueBell System on Tiktok.

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