The Fuck Else May He Have Going On Immediately? Dad Is At present Pushing You Off The Cellphone Even Although You’re The Younger And Attention-grabbing One

Well, here’s a WTF moment that will definitely make you scratch your head for days: Dad is clearly trying to end your phone call with him even though you’re the young and interesting one.

UH what? It doesn’t work like that, Pops.

Moments ago, in the middle of your weekly check-in call, Dad cut you off and said, “Hey, this is great son, you need to tell me more at another time.” – in a distracted tone that clearly indicated that he wasn’t really listening to you and was getting more and more eager to get off the line. This happened after muttering “Mmm hmm” several times during the conversation, which he usually only does when he’s bored and disinterested, like when he’s having a conversation with Grandma. This doesn’t make any sense, however, as you are infinitely more interesting than Grandma, and Dad will usually throw up the crap you spit on him as it is a parent’s duty.

There’s clearly something wrong with Dad here, because the rules for a dad call are pretty well established: you talk about all the fun things in your life, your fascinating hobby projects and important work, and then cut him out because you do better Things to do other than listen to him go over the countertop repair or whatever. This is how it should work and it has been for years up to today’s curveball.

Could Papa legitimately be up to something else today? Probably not, and almost certainly nothing more exciting than interacting with a young person. He worked with the same people in the same company for 20 years and has been married to mom for 37 years. His entire existence revolves around repeating all of the everyday routines he established decades ago. It’s not like he’s doing any activity, and even if he had something remarkable on his agenda, he would have told you 100 percent about it last week’s call. Something about it just doesn’t feel right.

After all, you’re the one who has dates and parties and a bloody social life, not him! How could a guy who normally has nothing to update other than what happened in the last episode of? American pickers possibly work up the bile to go on bail she? Like no offense, but these calls really are entirely for his benefit. You have much better things to do than talking to an old person on the phone, but you still make time to do them regularly because you find that your parents love you and they get sad when they don’t hear from you. Plus, you think it’s an even deal for him paying for your college. But apparently he sees it differently.

Damn parents, man. You are out of control.

Whatever. If dad suddenly wants to pretend he’s too good to talk to his child on the phone, that’s fine. You don’t have to humor him anymore. But good luck finding another young person who will put up with in-depth stories about repair projects and grandpa’s health problems. That won’t happen, oldtimers!

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