The Magical Pencil Drawings of Alessandro Paglia

When it comes to ultra-realistic pencil drawings, you have a hard time finding someone better than Italian industrial designer Alessandro Paglia.

Alessandro Paglia studied design at the Politecnico di Milano and was able to secure a job at 3M. He had been working in his first international design center for five years. Then he moved to a lighting design company and then a brand design agency, but eventually realized that it wasn’t what he wanted to do in life. He had always been more fascinated by the artistic side of design, and his career continued to distract him from it. One day Alessandro quit his job and decided to focus solely on artistic drawings and we’re glad he did, otherwise we probably would never have looked at his brilliant masterpieces.

Photo: Alessandro Paglia / Instagram

“When I left my job and started drawing, I still wasn’t sure if my work would be valued or recognized as good art and eventually bought,” the artist told Design Wanted. “I started drawing in a small gatehouse that I was allowed to use for a few months. I opened my Instagram page and started posting my stuff. “

Paglia never wanted to go the usual gallery route, but was more interested in an independent journey powered by the internet. When approached by the editor of TheCoolHunter, a major online magazine that wanted to represent him, he jumped at the opportunity. Since then he has been using the power of the internet.

Inspired by photography and fascinated by shadows and reflections, Alessandro Paglia begins his creative process by photographing his subjects ten times to get the perfect shot, which he then begins to reproduce with fine pencils on coarse-grained cotton paper. Each of his amazing drawings last between 50 and 250 hours.

From metallic sculptures that reflect light and shadow, to dripping designs that appear to be digitally rendered, to vintage objects and car models, Alessandro Paglia’s portfolio is impressively extensive. But each of his works of art looks more like a photo than a pencil drawing.

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