The Nude Man Is Coming Down The Conveyor Belt

Rejoice, everyone, because the event we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: the naked man is just coming down the conveyor belt as we speak.

Yay! There he comes!

For the first time in years, the naked man has chosen to adorn us with his presence and we just couldn’t be happier. With his broad grin, adorable fat belly and wise, non-blinking look, there really is no more joyful sight than the naked man slowly approaching at 1 MPH on the conveyor belt and happily saying “Hello!”. over and over to no one in particular. We don’t know where he’s from or why he’s naked – all that matters is that he’s here and smiling at us and filling our hearts with joy.


The arrival of the naked man is a very special occasion, and there is no right or wrong way to celebrate it. Greet him with a rousing ovation among the cheerful crowds or hurry on with the schoolchildren to give him plum and jelly gifts. Or should the spectacle overwhelm you with emotion, you can get on one knee and watch the naked man in silent awe. Whichever you choose, it is up to you – it is only asked that you avoid joining him on the conveyor belt as it would pose a safety risk to both the naked man and you.

Impressive. Does anyone still have goosebumps? What a blessing it is to see the naked man!

Make sure you enjoy this, ladies and gentlemen, because the conveyor belt doesn’t stop and when the naked man comes by, there is no telling when we might see him again. Cherish every moment he’s with us, but don’t shed tears of sadness when he leaves. Just be glad he was here, if only briefly, and wish him all the best on his future journey because we know it is important. Good luck, naked man. We adore you with all our hearts.

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