The Photograph In This Girl’s Farewell Instagram Put up To Her Late Grandpa Is One The place She Appears to be like Good And Grandpa Appears to be like Like Absolute Shit

If you feel that the deceased deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, you should close this tab because here is a story that will undoubtedly make your blood boil: the photo this woman took in her farewell Your late grandfather is one that she looks pretty good on and her grandpa looks like absolute shit.

Jesus Christ! The poor old man definitely wouldn’t have wanted to remember that way.

When 28-year-old Chelsea Prostovich wrote the Instagram post in memory of her beloved grandfather Walter, who passed away at the age of 92 last weekend, she had many beautiful photos of him that she could have chosen to keep precious memories and Capturing milestones, but instead chose one that looked alarmingly shrunken and discolored, like a California raisin in a hospice. While Chelsea looks admittedly amazing in the photo, ideally she would have gone with something her grandpa didn’t look pretty much dead on, as this is certainly not an accurate representation of who he was for most of his life.

“I can’t believe you’re gone. Heaven just got another angel. RIP, papa. I’ll miss you, “wrote Chelsea in a wildly uninspired caption that could have been posted for literally anyone dead. The post made it clear to everyone that this is a woman so high up in her own asshole, so desperate that others see how cute she looks with her voluminous, shampoo-commercial hair and flattering outfit, to which she is ready to present her family’s ex-patriarchs in his weakest and most vulnerable form just days before you bite the dust.

Impressive. Why not just dig the guy up and piss on his corpse while you’re at it?

You really have to wonder if Chelsea even thought about it. If her honest intention was to remember her loving grandfather and not use the opportunity to blatantly show how brownish she can get at times, it would have been far better to choose a photo that she is not in. How about a black and white picture of his wedding day? Maybe a sun faded from the ’70s doing a classic grandpa activity like fishing or standing near an old, cool looking car? Or like, every grandpa has that one picture of themselves from the time they went to war, where they look super good in their uniform and have super defined jaws and that haircut that every guy had in their 40s or what whatever. Surely that would have worked well.

But no. Instead, Chelsea’s relentless struggle to remind people that she is attractive took precedence, and she made a conscious decision to show all of her 791 followers how terrible her grandpa looked just before he died, so everyone in the photo was looked a little sad and felt uncomfortable. If Chelsea’s goal was to remind all of their followers of the fragility of life and the certainty of death, then she has definitely succeeded, but given her beautiful appearance in the picture, we’re pretty sure she had an entirely different agenda.

Goddamn. She could at least have included some other pictures in the post considering that Instagram lets you take ten photos at a time.

Just brutal. We hope that one day Chelsea will be forced to face this unthinkable desecration of her late grandfather’s name and that she will get the comeuppance she deserves, either in this life or in the next.

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