Thenjiwe Griffiths (Mamthembu tiktok) Husband Murder, who killed?

When Thenjiwe Griffiths heard that her husband, Alan was going to be released from prison early because of a technicality – she went into action. But it wasn’t until after the murder on December 8th 2014 when they found out how guilty she really did look like with an alibi proofing case against them both due for their wrongful convictions where there were no fingerprints nor any DNA evidence left at scene but only vague footprints which didn’t match either one’s feet according court records made public by The Sunday Times newspaper as reported. Know more about Thenjiwe Griffiths and her videos on Tiktok.

Who is Thenjiwe Griffiths?

Mamthembu is a Tiktok user who got famous after she talked about the very infamous Thenjiwe Griffiths. After getting high number of backlashes, Mamthembu actually decided to pull out that video from the Tiktok platform. It is a very controversial case and people started to act aggressively all over the social media after this video was live in this social media platform, Tiktok. Mamthembu even publically apologized for her offensive remarks, still Twitter was buzzing with stuffs against her and people were not in right mood at all, without any doubt.

Who killed Allan Griffiths?

Another interesting case and another report is around. Here we are discussing about Mamthembu who is a prominent Tiktok user and she was the one who took a controversial way to discuss about Thenjiwe Griffiths regarding her one of the oldest case. It was on 20th January 2006 that Thenjiwe had supposedly plan to make hitchhiker poses for the killers on the road near Colenso. This was something that she and her husband had planned to use. As Thenjiwe Griffiths was actually a controversial figure, this news actually did spread like wild fire everywhere around the world with ease and without any second thoughts you can understand this.

Thenjiwe was actually known to be a very famous prostitute. She was actually sentenced to stay for her whole life in the prison as she had murdered her husband. This decision was taken by the high court of Pietermaritzburg. This was a much appreciated decision as the whole world had feeling this was just the right thing to do at the right time by the court of justice without any hint of a doubt. This could have not got any better as the so called Thenjiwe was planning for other mysterious things after that work.

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