This Child Is Attempting To Carry A Stick Inside

Well, here’s a situation where someone needs to nip in the bud as soon as possible because what is unfolding is absolutely wrong: this kid is trying to get a stick inside.

No, no, definitely not. Sticks are for outside. That’s the rule.

Four-year-old Bennett Martens was just walking through his front yard with a two-foot stick he found on the sidewalk, and unfortunately Bennett apparently decided for everyone involved that he had to bring the stick inside with him. Although Bennett’s mother has already warned him not to bring the cane inside, stating that “there is no telling what kind of germs or dirt might be on this thing,” the child has brazenly refused to step back as he claims that the dirty stick is his “favorite toy of all time” and it has to “live in his room”. There’s no denying that Bennett really likes the stick, but that doesn’t change the fact that sticks aren’t and were not in toys.

This shouldn’t even be up for discussion. If Bennett is old enough to know the alphabet and help his father drive the lawnmower, then he is surely old enough to know basic stick etiquette.

There’s absolutely no precedent for keeping a cane in the Martens family home, but it seems like Bennett won’t stop until he finds his way. A few moments ago, he narrowly avoided his mother’s attempt to take his cane away, forcing him to retreat and take refuge in his cozy coupe car, where he is currently having a tantrum and occasionally yelling about how he “wants to sleep” the stick in [his] Bed.”

Do you sleep with a loose stick just rolling around in your bed? Are you crazy boy There might be dog poop or ants on this thing!

Shame on that kid. Bringing a stick in is absolutely unacceptable, and he should know better. Big boys don’t do that. He’s acting like a baby. We hope his parents give him some time off, as Bennett clearly needs some quiet time to reflect on his actions and reevaluate his priorities with regards to sticks.

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