This Crossing Guard Is Making an attempt To Cease An Ambulance That’s Going 70 With Its Siren Wailing And The whole lot

Power can be intoxicating, and at times it can push those who wield it too far. Case in point: this border guard is currently trying to stop an oncoming ambulance where someone is likely to die from flying down the street with flashing lights and the sound of sirens.

Yikes He’s crazy with power!

This guard at a busy intersection in Houston is clearly taking his role with bug eyes and veins from his forehead far too seriously, because even if all pedestrians at the zebra crossing seem content to wait on the sidewalk for the fast approaching ambulances to pass by, the traffic post with the neon vest is still firmly in the middle of the intersection, waving its stop sign and whistling loudly to stop the speeding emergency vehicle. While preventing ambulances from getting to the hospital almost certainly isn’t one of his official duties, this sober traffic attendant seems to have encountered the awesomeness of his own authority and ready to do anything, no matter how reckless, to ensure safe passage of pedestrians.

Despite the border guard’s bold, relentless presence, the ambulance speeds toward him at 70 mph, showing no signs of slowing, creating a highly unnecessary chicken game. And although the border guard’s only real responsibility is to prevent people from being hit by vehicles, at this moment he is still in serious danger of being hit by a vehicle and is acting like some kind of supreme, almighty god Highways that are completely above the laws of mankind due to their reflective safety vests and their $ 11 an hour wages.

Hm. Not sure what his deal is. Perhaps he is trying to establish himself as a kind of irreplaceable force for the good, in order to avert the ever-threatening danger of being replaced by a crossroad signal – a fate that has struck as many of his brothers as more and more cities in the past few generations. that a flashing orange hand can do the job just as effectively as a human, and without pay. Whatever he’s trying to prove, whistling at an oncoming ambulance is probably not the most effective way of getting his message across.

Seriously, man, just calm down.

We hope that this border guard will get off the road as soon as possible or that the ambulance will at least evade so as not to wipe it out. This just isn’t something people want passers-by to do for them, and if this guy doesn’t realize it soon, he and his stop sign paddle could very well hit an early grave.