This Firm Simply Gave Its Workers A Full Week Off To Catch Up On Work Stuff

Today, more than ever, employers are becoming more sensitive to the welfare of their employees. This story is a great example of how companies can take care of their employees and make mental health a priority: this company only gave their employees a full week off to catch up on work items!

So brilliant! This is how you show your employees that you care.

Prism, a Denver, Colorado-based digital marketing company, knows exactly how to care for the mental health and wellbeing of its employees, because this week they generously offered each and every employee a full week of paid vacation to let them take you the much-needed time to progress on their never-ending to-do lists.

“We know that day-to-day work with meetings and tasks can really put a strain on people. So it was important for us to give our employees time off to slow down, decompress and turn off all the little work tasks they are doing. We haven’t gotten around to it yet because of more urgent projects that we need for prioritization, ”said Tim Dyler, CEO of Prism. “We hope that the free week gives our team the mental space they need to recharge their batteries and re-energize all the work they have neglected.”


Numerous studies in recent years have shown that more free time improves productivity in the workplace. This is exactly the outcome that Dyler hopes, given a string of cost-cutting measures and layoffs that Prism has implemented over the past year, the company will do much more with less. The resulting increased workload has undoubtedly made Prism employees more than willing to spend a full week at home with no deadlines – just a relaxed, unstructured time to break free of their nine to five tasks and some of the problems solve unfinished work hanging over their heads causing undue mental stress.

And when free time wasn’t already generous enough, Prism recently announced plans to offer weekly free yoga sessions in the office to give employees the peace of mind they need to cope with fears related to the extremely demanding and often exploitative To deal with the company’s work culture. This should be a huge boon to the mental health of the employees as the health insurance plan the company currently offers doesn’t cover any therapy visits or virtually any other type of mental health care.


Kudos to Prism for going out of their way for their employees and investing in their sanity. We hope more companies will follow their example by giving their employees the free time to really relax and take care of all the unfinished jobs that make a living.

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