This Florida Pub Is Embellished With Practically Two Million {Dollars} in Money

McGuire’s Irish Pub is a popular restaurant and local landmark in Pensacola, Florida, famous for having an estimated two million dollars in cash hanging from the ceiling.

The history of the unique decoration of McGuire’s Irish Pub can be traced back to 1977 when Martin McGuire and his wife Molly opened the shop. He tended the bar while Molly served the tables, and when she tipped her first $ 1 tip, she celebrated the date by writing the date on it and sticking it on the back bar for good luck. Little did she know that this was the beginning of a longstanding tradition that is still respected by the pub’s guests. The next day after that first bill was pinned to the bar, people started adding to the collection, and they have been doing it ever since.

Photo: Panoramio

“It’s 15,000 square feet and there are dollar bills on every piece of the ceiling and many walls,” owner William “McGuire” Martin told the Chicago Tribune in 1999. “We count it every year and pay taxes on the growth in it. We treat it as an asset and we borrow against it and so on. “

At the time of the interview, McGuire valued its unique facility at around $ 175,000, but according to recent counts, the pub now has nearly $ 2 million in autographed bills hanging from the ceiling. That’s a fortune literally at arm’s length from strangers, most of whom resist the temptation to take some of that money for themselves.

Of course, with so much money in sight, incidents will happen, and thefts have been reported in McGuire’s Irish pub over the years. One employee was sentenced to a fine and suspended sentence for allegedly pulling down an estimated $ 5,000 of green “wallpaper” and many others have tried to use the tagged bills to pay for various items in the Pensacola area.

But because every banknote that rises from McGuire’s ceiling is signed in a black marker and pinned with holes, it’s hard to dispense anywhere in town without anyone noticing. The Irish Pub is a local landmark and the money tradition is well known. So if someone presents a marked banknote practically anywhere in Pensacola, the alarm bells will ring.

“The cashier immediately realized that it was probably McGuire money and notified a manager. During this time, the suspect worried a little and left the building, ”a police offer told WEAR-TV about a thief’s attempt to exchange stolen banknotes at a local bank.

Fun fact, there’s actually a second McGuire’s Irish pub in Destin, Florida that had a staggering $ 1.7 million in cash hanging from the ceiling, according to a 2017 report.