This Man Went Silent For A Week After Rejecting McDonald’s Preliminary Proposal Of $3.99 For A Massive Mac To Put Himself In A Stronger Place For Negotiation

Aspiring business moguls take notice because a true professional has just given a masterclass in controlling the flow of business: this man fell silent a week after rejecting McDonald’s original $ 3.99 proposal for a Big Mac, put himself in a stronger bargaining position to move.

Damn it. This is how the game is played now.

The clever strategy kicked into action a week ago when the extraordinary dealmaker Terence Lowrie reached out to his local McDonald’s and expressed an interest in buying one of the restaurant’s signature Big Mac hamburger sandwiches. The McDonald’s rep suggested a seemingly fair price of $ 3.99 for the item, which a lesser buyer would likely have accepted immediately, but the rep made the critical mistake of not noticing he was in a violent 4D chess game with one seasoned veterans of innumerable have been involved in hard-won negotiations. Instead of taking the bait, Lowrie just kept a perfect poker face, said “A little expensive … I have to consider it” and showed up, caught the rep completely unprepared with the maneuver and skillfully manipulated the unfortunate fast food chain like Putty in his hands.

For a week since starting his game, Lowrie has been completely silent, turned off his phone, and set an automated out-of-office reply to his email to keep McDonald’s twirling about the uncertain future of the deal. Any good bargain hunter realizes that you need to get your quarry to haunt you, and by ruling out any attempts by McDonald’s to save their transaction for a full week, Lowrie has all but guaranteed to have the upper hand if it does he finally decides to return to the table and reopen talks about the Big Mac.

McDonald’s will likely be so thoroughly on the ropes after the silent treatment that they’re even more prone to additional Jedi tricks, and Lowrie leaves the door wide open to pretend he has a better deal for a Big from another party Mac or to reflect the company’s language of “delicious perfection” and “100 percent beef patties” to create an unconscious sense of relationship. Of course, Lowrie’s feigned disinterest is just an act, but his show and follow-up are so incredibly well practiced that McDonald’s never had a chance to realize they were finesse.

This man could win Oscars if he wasn’t too busy making moves.

It remains to be seen how successful this trick pays off for Lowrie, but it’s entirely possible McDonald’s is so glad to have him back in negotiations that he could stand in line for a Big Mac combo with a medium-sized soda at no extra charge. or even a half price coupon for a future purchase. Hell, he might even consider adding a toy for his troubles, and you’d better believe the bag will hold as many extra napkins and ketchup packets as Lowrie the fucker wants. McDonald’s apparently never expected to hit anyone with the bricks to desist from an offer for a $ 3.99 Big Mac, and all Lowrie now left is the rewards of his incredible Harvest business acumen.

Bravo sir. This is really a next level hustle and bustle.

It is not every day that you find someone who has the talent to take advantage of their position. All the fast food restaurants out there had better hope that they would never end up in the crosshairs of a business tactician as ruthlessly cunning as this guy!

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