Tiktok JinnKid killed wife Rayburn Cardenas Barron in shooting

Is fame everything or something else matters as well? TikTok star JinnKid, with real name Ali Abulaban has been accused for murdering his wife and a man named Rayburn Cadenas Barron. Abulaban has almost 940,000 followers on TikTok, he features mocking of a famous character Tony Montana from Scarface film released in 1983.

Even though Abulaban had peaks of fame, why did he murder his wife? It maybe because his emotions in his life towards people is much more than any fame or name. As per the authorities Abulaban murdered his wife, Ana Abulaban who was 28 years old and a man whom she was connected to Rayburn Cadenas Barron who was 29 years old (belonged to National City).

The actor was charged for putting up a recording software in his daughter’s digital tablet. Later as per investigators, Abulaban heard his wife conversing to Rayburn and laughing, which made him furious and he rushed to them. He shot Rayburn 3 times and then shot his wife right on head murdering them both. He was allegedly been seen on the security surveillances of the apartment rushing out of the lift.
As per the conversation with investigator, Abulaban had some doubts on his wife cheating on him. He put up a recording software, and heard the two people chat and laugh. He rushed to their apartment, killed him and confessed this to his mom.

Eventually, it was known that, Abulaban was asked to leave their apartment and live in a hotel. This could be due to their fights and misunderstandings. He did the same and stayed out of home. This happened on 18th of October. Three days after this situation, Abulaban sneaked in their apartment and broke everything he could see. This clearly depicts his anger. It is still yet to be known that why Abulaban, a TikTokstar did something such gruesome.

He was announced non-guilty but the judge has asked the authorities to jail Abulaban without bail. Until the case is further investigated. Fans doesn’t have any clue on how to react and are awaiting some new turn in the case. Abulaban has plead not guilty for murdering his wife and Rayburn.

Now, he is facing the murder changes in this case. The police taken him custody and trying to figure out the motive behind this murder. The killings shamed and shocked the Tiktok community. The users are demanding justice in the murder case. Other details will be posted soon.

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