Tiktok Queen Canab Fadeexo video: OO Queen Qawan viral

TikTok videos are now being seen as a way to reach audiences on social media, where anything can go viral in less time. The Queen of Canab Fadeexo’s video is one that has risen again this year and still remains fresh with plenty users watching it today! Her first TikTok hit was 283k views before hitting over 1 million total shares across multiple platforms including Facebook. Queen Canab’s video is viral on the Tiktok platform. She is an star on different social platforms. The leak of the private video can affect the career of the social star. TheQueen Canab’s story is a developing one. Facts are still yet to come out why the videos are trending.

Who is Queen Canab?

Canab is one of the most popular TikTokers personality in Somalia. Canab is always in demand to make videos for people who love watching the Tiktok fun videos. She began to make the clips on lip syncing and later started just chatting with friends on video chats – she does it all. However after one such concert footage made its way onto social media sites like Facebook Live or other digital platforms heat from authorities quickly banned any further streaming because they felt there were too many violations going on camera including OOFadeexo (a more well-known entity).

According to users reports, the latest video contains the inappropriate content so that it had been removed by the officials.

Queen Canab Fadeexo video

The authorities have finally caught up the Queen Canab’s video and she is no longer able to post new videos on social networking sites. But not before her story reached a fever pitch of popularity, people were desperate for any information they could get their hands on about this boundary pushing artist. The video is being highly circulated on the other platforms like reddit and twitter.

It would be nice if there were some way for the reader get insight into how artists look without having them do something drastic that could ruin our imaginations first hand before seeing anything close up? No bio and wiki information is available on web about Queen Canab. She is an web personality who uploads and shared content on Tiktok.

Her latest videos are trending and created new controversy of the use of Tiktok platform. Her videos generally gets mixed reactions and comments from fans but this time it reached to the million of viewers on internet.

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