Tiwa Savage Tape video: Boyfriend Abolo Beckham clip leaked

Tiwa Savage is a popular Nigerian singer and song-writer. The award winning singer catched into media headlines and social media because of the latest controversy and leaked tape on web. The singer clip with her current boyfriend Abolo has been surfaced on sites. The fans reacted on the leak and video. Tiwa also released an official statement regarding this. She said this is to take revenge from her by blackmailer. Someone is trying to blackmail her with short video. Tiwa is now a trending topic in Nigeria and Lagos. Fans supported Tiwa in this trouble time and she will soon overcome this problem.

Tiwa Savage on boyfriend

Tiwa Savage announced that her lover is distraught over the situation and it’s been hard on him.

Tiwas revelation during an interview with Power 105, Angie Martinez led to many speculations about their relationship status as well as what made them split up last time around which lead into questions such has how do you know if someone wants kids or not after all these years together without even asking? It seems like those were just words said out of convenience instead of intentions coming true at some point but now we’re seeing new life come from nowhere again only proving my theories wrong yet again

Tiwa Savage video leaked

The Tiwa Savage tape video has been uploaded and shared on web. It is being allegedly said that his boyfriend Abolo Beckham leaked the clip to take revenge. This is the theory which is mostly being discussed in the fans.

Award-winning singer, Tiwa Savage has come out and disclosed that she is currently being blackmailed over a sex video. The revered songstress noted her current lover’s name in the footage which features him alongside another woman with whom he was having relations at one point or another before they started dating.

Tiwa Savage career and awards

Tiwa is a popular award winning actress. She is 47-years old born in Isale Eko. Tiwa is a big influencer and star on Instagram with 13.3 million followers. In 2013, she was married to Tunji Balogun . The couple have a kid named Jamil Balogun.

She was born as Tiwatope Savage-Balogun in 1980.

Tiwa won the number of awards for the music videos and singing.

Tiwa’s youtube channel will cross 1 million subscribers very soon. Her songs and videos are very popular in Nigeria.

The Tiwa’s latest controversy may affect her personal or professional life.

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