Tom Felton Collapse suffers heart attack at Ryder Cup

Famous Harry potter celebrity, Tom Felton found collapsing at the end of the celebrity gold match on Thursday, 23, 2021. He was being helped by the onlookers and staff on the course. Tom Felton recently enters in 34 on Wednesday, suffered a medical emergency and sent to the local hospital immediately. The Ryder

The actor was at the Sheboygan, Wisconsin for the Ryder cup event. He was representing Europe and was playing along with Finnish Ice Hockey Champion Temmu Selanne. They both were opposite to the former US Olympic Hockey captain Mike Eurzione and Olympic speed skater Dan Jansen.

Tom was seeing conscious while heading towards the medical emergency room. He was captured to be taken off in a cart. The attendee’s public cheering up the actor, once he was taking towards the medical help.

No such reasons have been discovered behind TOM’S collapsing. The actor representatives not have passed any statement related to his health yet. And no further details have been updated about his health conditions after the match. His fans are wishing for his speedy recovery.

The Professional Golfers Association of America was giving all the statements and updation regarding the health of the actor.

Tom Felton is well known for his villain Role in all the eight parts of Harry Potter films. He played the role of Draco Malfoy. His other movies are Belle, Ophelia and BABYSITTER GUIDE TO MONSTER’S HUNTING.

His recent upcoming film is “Save the Cinema”. The story is somewhat like a Welsh Woman’s efforts to save a local theatre from closure.

Apart from the actor, he is also a musician. Felton has released Five EPs continuously back to back. His most recent project was “YoOHoO” which was released at the early month of this year.

Following the medical emergency of Tom Felton, the England native suffered the collapse. Fans were continuously showing their worried and seeking for his better health conditions on the social media “TWITTER”. The online community is also sending their wishes for his speedy recovery. We wish Tom may not discover with any serious issue.

Now he is in the stable condition at hospital. With fans love and support, the actor recovered fast from the condition. The death hoax are just rumors on social media. His friend updated his condition on Twitter and informed that he is fine now. The actor needs health care for few months. His family is staying with him.

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