Tongmo Nida Dead Body found photos, how Thai actress died?

37 years old Thai actress Nida Patcharaweeraphong died on 24th of February in Bangkok after falling from the speed boat. She is a Thai actress and her dead body has been found from the river. Her sudden death news became the worldwide concern. Let’s have a look what has actually happened with the Thai actress.

The actress went for the restaurant trip with her friends. She was seating at the back end of the speedboat and the boat was passing through the Chao Phraya River. How she fell from the river is still the big question mark for her friends and investigators. While investigating with the actress friends, they did not realize when Nida went missing from the boat. The speedboat searched for Nida for about 20 minutes. When they could not locate her, then her friends called authorities for help. After getting the call, a team of 30 divers was sent to the river to search for the Thai actress.

After 38 hours of the incident, Nida brother’s Dais Dejjab spotted “something floating” in the river, then that something would turned out to be the body of Thai actress Nida Patcharaweeraphong. The body was sent to Thammasat University Hospital’s Central Institute of Forensic Science for post- martum.

The Actress mother doubts about the incident. The mother has many questions to ask like why her daughter is not wearing live jacket. And how the actress went slip by chance while others were sitting safely. All are waiting for the autopsy report. Everything will be cleared out in that report.

Highlighting more about the Thai actress, she was well recognized for her role in horror movie, GHOST OF MAE NAK, released in 2006. The story was based on one of the Thailand’s oldest ghost legends. She was married to an actor Pakin Kumwilaisuk. However, the marriage last for only 2 years. She was a multi- talented personality and she was a famous Thai actress, model, television personality, racing car driver, social media influencer, singer and entrepreneur from Bangkok. Her famous projects include Silk care of Love, Blowing Leaves, Tears of Death and many others.

The photos of the dead body of Tongmo Nida are trending on the social media. The fans are looking for the pictures and want to know the reason of the cause of death. The police officials are investigating this case and may soon conclude this case and reveal the final report of the case.

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