Trashelle Odom (John Odom’s Wife): Corey Lewandowski Accuser


Corey Lewandowski has been accused of the sexual allegations. Corey is a popular politician in United States who campaigned for Donald Trump in the 2015 elections. He is facing very serious allegations which destroyed his life. He has been removed from MAGA chairman position after the allegations. Trashelle Odom is the woman who accused him. Who is she? What are the allegations? Trashelle Odom is the wife of John Odom who is Idaho construction executive. He is a businessman.

Lewandowski has denied all the allegations against him. He said this is a propaganda to destroy his political career and life.

Who is Trashelle Odom?

Trashelle Odom is the lady who accused Corey Lewandowski of making sexual advances. Corey is known as the former top aide of the Trump. Is this an indirect attack on the Trump? Soon this news broke out on social media, it made a devastation in the Trump’s administration and allies.

Many came in support of Trashelle and criticized Corey on the social media. Trashelle revealed it in an interview given to Politico. She said she had been intimidated by Corey and made vulgar comments.

These allegations are very serious while on other hand Lewandowski had denied these accusations.

Trashelle Odom Husband

Trashelle Odom’s husband name is John Odom who is a businessman. We can also see the pictures of them together on the company profile of Idaho construction. Trashelle and her husband named into top twenty four prominent Republic donors.

Trashelle is 32-years old. She is an American born in USA in 1988. She is married to John and proud mother of five kids. We can see her interests and passion on the Instagram pictures. She also promotes her husband’s business .

Corey Lewandowski Net Worth

Lewandowski is the top political aide of Trump and also an author, politician and businessman. His worth is huge. After the harassment news, South Dakota governor cuts all the ties with CoreyAlso other leaders criticized this act on the social media of Twitter account.

The politician is in the big trouble and being targeted on social media by users. Corey is known for his work to the top news networks in the country like CNN, NBC, Fox news, etc. He is a top figure in America’s politics. His wife name is Alison Lewandowski. We have got no official comments or statement from his Alison in these allegations. She is a former teacher and have kids.

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