Travis Barker Kourtney Kardashian relationship explored! Engaged

So, Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are finally engaged. They are dating since February and now they are going to take their relationship one level up. Recent news reported that, Travis proposes his girlfriend on knee in a beachside hotel in Montecito yesterday that is on 17th of October.

According to news, Travis had already planned this proposal and engagement. The grand floral arrangement had been done on the beach side to make their engagement ceremony memorable. The engagement had been done in the presence of their close friends. Their beautiful and lifelong moments have been captured by their personnel photographer.

Kardashian was totally unaware about what is happening with her in next 24 hours. According to the reports, Duo returned from the NYC and they decided to take a trip to Montecito. It is among their favourite place. Kardashian thought that it is another casual day as they both usually went to the place. Fortunately, 17th October added in one of the best day in Reality star diary.

Kardashian officially posted their magical moments on the instagram with a caption, “Forever @travisbarker.
Soon after the post gets viral, many celebrities congratulate the couple with their best wishes. Travis himself writes forever in the comment.

Let’s get back and get a brief about the duo relationship journey. It was in the 2019, when both the stars were first spotted together with their respective kids. At that time they both had a casual family dinner. After two years, the social media overflow with the posts and news, first Kardashian give Travis daughter a Prada brand bag. Then according to the secret reporters, the duo spent some quiet time together in Palm Springs. Then in January 2021, The couple was spotted dating in Los Angeles and in the next month of same year, the Kourtney Kardashian officially announced her relationship with the post in which the couple was holding hand together. After this announcement the couple posted many loved pictures together showing their strong bond.

Now, the fans are waiting for the couple marriage date announcement. Both are now engaged and shared the pictures of the ceremony on Instagram. The fans are excited to check out the latest pictures and wedding vibes of the two stars on social media. It is official that both are getting married soon after the long term friendship and relationship. The other pictures of the engagement will be shared soon with fans.

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