Tripp Morris, Venus Griffin husband prisoned in Augusta Georgia

When you’re going through a tough time in your life, it can be hard to know what the right thing is. For many people this means trying on their own- but there are also workshops and coaches out that offer guidance for those seeking direction or just need someone else’s perspective. Venus Morris Griffin is the motivational speaker and trainer who was married to Tripp Morris. The latest news is that Tripp Morris has been sentenced to jail in USA for fraud charges in case and this news is breaking on the social media. Tripp Morris is the ex-husband of the Venus Morris Griffin. He has been jailed by the Georgia department of the corrections for total of 45-years of prison (20 years in first case and 25 years in another) . Read who is Tripp Morris and why he has been arrested?

Who is Venus Morris Griffin?

Venus Morris Griffin is a mother of seven and has been involved in real estate since she was 23 years old. She is mainly popular as the real estate agent and motivational speaker in country. She became interested when learning that her partner, whom the HONY story suggests to be Tripp had received 45 year prison sentence for bank fraud.

In 2011 this woman found out he’s actually behind bars while reading about himself on Facebook.

Morris Griffin, a successful real estate agent from Georgia who has been closing over 1500 transactions for $400 million in sales volume since 2008. Venus is doing great in her professional life. She is growing her business and followers too on the social media. This news started a new row of discussion and debate in the fans.

On the Facebook, she posted a message in series in which she mentioned of husband Tripp and his arrest news.

Venus Morris Griffin Husband

When she first met Tripp, they were both students at the University of South Carolina. He was a senior. She first started dating her ex-husband (Tripp), Griffin heaped praise on everything about him from how easy going he could be when they went out as friends after college classes ended up together one night all. But things changed quickly later and they got separated from each other.

Tripp Morris is in prison

Their first date was a success. They went to the golf tournament in Hilton Head, South Carolina and he eventually told her that he loved her.

Venus Griffin is the popular name in the USA. And she is under the social media attention after her name is linked with the Tripp Morris who is said to be the ex-husband of the lady. She will release an official statement in this regard and she has been separated from Tripp as per reports.

Venus Griffin net worth

Being a successful real-estate agent, Venus Griffin made a big fortune in USA and outside country. She has large fan following on Instagram. The motivational speaker owns expensive properties in the city. She is an awards-winning personal in the business and also the Speaker and Author of Validated The Book.

Hank Griffin’s name is also linked to the news. Who is he? Is Hank Griffin is the present husband of the Venus Griffin.

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