Tsukihime’s Arcueid joins Fgo as New Moon Cancer Servant (Archetype Earth)


Arcueid Brunestud/Archetype Earth from Tsukihime joins Fgo as the New Moon Cancer Servant

The newest member of the FGO banner has been revealed to be Archetype Earth from TsukiRe. With their latest addition, this game’s roster now consists more characters in the list.

The following information is based on our research and may contain errors or other biases: The newest version (1st) release date for “Archetype earth” has been announced and Arcueid joins Fgo as New Moon Cancer Servant, we know that there were some updates made between by FGO which could affect how players play differently. The fans are excited for this new change.

The new announcement has been made on July 31 on 7th-anniversary event Moon Cancer has always been a stable of Servants with high attack power and despite their short reach, they still manage to pack quite the punch. Arcueid Brunestud would be no different as she gains access into this new 5-Star class that can only improve her ability in combat. The latest news about Arc and his joining FGO as a new Archetype Earth far surpasses anything that has happened before. The news has been confirmed in the Fate/Grant order event on the official YouTube channel.

The moon princess, the titular Tsukihime from Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi’s 2000 visual novel will be joining FGO as an Archetype. Her Remake version is what’s being added to this expansion pack. The detailed version of the FGO version stats and skills are mentioned in detail on the official website.

Servants are a huge part of FGO, and it’s not just their powerful attacks that make them so dangerous. They also come with special skills to help out your team in battle.

Arcueid Brunestud is an excellent Servant for beginners because she has both strong attack power as well healing ability when you need her most. She can even take on multiple foes at once if needed but be careful about using too many casts on this skill.

FGO is taking a page out of Fire Emblem’s book with their new update. They are buffing Quick Card stats, which should make it easier for players who don’t have high-level cards yet. The Japanese version of FGO is introducing two new heroes this week, starting today. The first one being Archetype Earth who can be yours until August 10th after which time he will go back into circulation with other players’ default characters for another month or so before a new hero takes his place again.

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