UFC star Kay Hansen on Only fans photos on reddit/Twitter

Can really a social media account effect your career? One such incident and contriver took place recently against the UFC fighter Hansen. What exactly happen to make her lose 3 fights in a row? People are now talking behind her back to search for reasons or maybe blame to things that aren’t really anyone’s cup of tea. We are sportingly supporting Hansen as her career just started, and things can take turn pretty soon. Read the article till the very end to know the comments that have been passed, and what Hansen has to say against it.

Who is Kay Hansen?

Hansen is just a 22 years old UFC fighter. Her UFC debut fight was against Jinh Yu Frey, and she won it with a good score. But later, she lost three matches in a row. This includes her latest lose against Piera Rodriguez. Currently if we look at the record that she holds as a professional fighter, she is at 7-6. Her next fight would be tomorrow on 15th of April, and she is excited to show case her skills very soon.

UFC cuts ties with Kay Hansen

After the recent comments passed on social media, UFC haven’t really said anything. The federation knows it well that things take ups and downs, but our main focus remains on understanding her intention and response against the recent matches. Hansen told in her posts that, it is just a beginning, and she is 22 years old. It will be her 14th international match. Winning and losing are just a part. As per her statement she says that she may have lost the track, but she will soon cover up. She has been working harder to keep her pace in the tournament. She even apologized to the public, her opponent, and her support from UFC that she couldn’t stand on their expectations.

Kay Hansen on only fans

Few people told that the recent low performance was because of her Onlyf account usage. She clearly said that, she practices and work out almost 2-3 times a day. Posting one single photo on a social media platform has nothing to do with her performance. Her confidence is striking up, and we hope that she wins the upcoming fight to prove everyone wrong.

Kay Hansen’s net worth is not disclosed yet. She earned huge money from her professional career and only fans career. Also she has strong fan base on Instagram profile.

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