Uruha Rushia and Mafumafu: Hololive Drama, Boyfriend and Real face

Who is Uruha Rushia?

Ursha Rushia is a female Japanese Virtual Youtuber who has the powers of necromancy. She debuted along with third generation youtubers under the name “hololive fantasy”.

She is a naïve, soft spoken girl who struggles to communicate with people and so instead communicates with the dead and damned. However her innocence isn’t all there is to her as she can also lose her temper easily and act violently. She is insecure of her breast size and often has breakdowns due to her insecurities especially when other female youtubers get attention.

Rushia Past career

She debuted on 13 June 2019 with her name and twitter account announced on 24 June 2019 and her Youtube account on 3 July. On 30 November, 2019 her 3D model was debuted.

In 2020:

On 2 January she got her second 2D costume. On 24 January she debuted her 3D idol outfi. On 15 june it was announced that she would get a new 2D costume which was then revealed the following day. It consists of a black dress paired with white hair and pink and purple highlight. On 25 December, she reached 800k followers on YouTube

In 2021:

On 2 January, she debuted a new hairstyle similar to her previous one as a part of her birthday celebration. She also revealed her first original song called iris. On 26 January, she reached 900k Youtube subscribers. She hit 1 million subscribers o 3 March gaining the title of being the third of holo live to do so.

On 13 November she revealed her 4th 2D costume, a schoolgirl uniform complete with a new hairstyle consisting of long loose hair and a braid. this costume got new accessories on 24 December.

She hit 150k on 10 December. On 22 January 2022, she debuted the song Omoikou, making it her second original song.

Rushia’s Boyfriend

There are talks all around the social media on the boyfriend of the Uruha Rushia. Because recent live stream, Rushia’s name is now linked to the singer Mafumafu.

Her fanbase “fandeddo” is wordplay combining fan with undead. She became the originator of the meme desk-kun-10hp.

Her vocal range is varied, covering anything from death metal to sensual tunes.

Her height is around 143 cm. She has appeared in the movie Evangelion and represented Japanese baseball teams from the pacific coast.

Uruha Rushia x mafumafu

Uruha Rushia x mafumafu is being highly discussed on the social media after the vtuber seemed with Mafumafu on live stream. The vtuber accidentally revealed the bare hands on the live stream. The fans are now busy in guessing the identity and face of the vtuber.

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