Ustaz Ebit Lew Video Viral Leak in Public and Twitter

Who is Ebit Lew? The name is very viral in the public after the leak of the viral video on the social media. Ebit Lew is the Malaysian preacher and entrepreneur. He promotes the Islamic religion and guidance to people. Lew’s real name is Lew Yun Pau. He runs his business in Malaysia and nearby countries. He is mainly known for talking in favor of LGBTQ+people, and poor people. He attends into the motivational seminars and influences the large number of people in people gatherings. Ebit is also the owner of the Elewsmart chain.

Who is Ebit Lew?

Ebit Lew whose full name is Ebit Irawan bin Ibrahim Lew was born in December 21, 1984 in Muadzam Shah , Pahang , Malaysia. He is a 36-years old successful businessman in country. He is a media personality, preacher, entrepreneur and businessman. Ebit grabbed knowledge from SMART Kuantan from 2002 to 2003. He is a married personality.

He is not a born Muslim. He changed his religion to Islam at the age of 12. Ebit got the qualification degree from the Universiti Putra Malaysia. He also gained the skills in business and entrepreneurship. Ebit runs a supermarket chain which was started in July 2018. He also runs a company Transform Training & Consultancy for motivation and training. His popular product in public is Sunnah Family.

He also runs a coffee chain business.

Ebit Lew Viral Video

Ebit is in the media and fans target after the leak of the video on the social media. One of his recent video gone viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Ebit runs his own official YouTube channel where he shares the motivation and lecture videos to subscribers.

He has massive followers on Instagram also (over 5.3 million followers). Ebit Lew is a very famous businessman and Islamic personality in Malaysia. He made huge donations during the pandemic crisis for helping others.

Ebit Lew Net Worth

Ebit Lew is a popular businessman personality in Malaysia with huge investments and stocks sharing. He mints big money from the different businesses. He operates various business chains in country and expanding it into the world.

Ebit Lew is no doubt a big millionaire. He has both media attention and fans support. He is also the receiver of the Maulidur Rasul Award and MeleTOP Era 2020 Award. Ebit also published different books under his publication.

He has active official account on the Facebook with lots of fans and followers. He uploads motivational messages everybody for his followers.

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