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TikTok Star Taylor Frankie divorce drama viral on Tiktok and reddit 

Well we have seen many people getting divorce and also show relating to their real life gestures. This specially happens with celebrities and it isn’t stopping since long. We do not understand the actual concept of creativity among people. One such drama took unleash between Taylor Frankie Paul and her husband. They announced a divorce but we see something else as a part here. As per the records, the couple was dividing. But with the recent video of Taylor Frankie Paul in TikTok, we can see that she is doing some kind of drama. To know more follow our article till the very end.

Who is Taylor Frankie Paul?

After the divorce was announced, individuals went to Reddit to speculate on what had caused it. The most popular internet assumption was that Taylor had cheated on Tate, and that many of Tate and Taylor’s mutual acquaintances had supported Tate in their divorce. Redditors also pointed out that Taylor and Tate were already sleeping apart and that their marriage had been effectively dead for some time. Taylor has shared multiple TikTok, in addition to an Instagram Story, in which she makes veiled references to her present circumstances.

Taylor Frankie paul drama

In one video, she says that she is in her twenties, getting divorced, and would be living alone for the first time with her two children. Taylor looks to have recently moved into a new home as she exhibits her keys in the video. In another video, she shows herself packing boxes and states that her life is breaking apart. Taylor appeared to be pretty put together in these films, but she abruptly threw a major wrench in the narrative she’d established with a new video that seemed to indicate that the news of her divorce was not as it appeared.

Taylor Frankie Paul Divorce

The relationship between Taylor and her husband was tense for some time, but it finally came to an end when she filed for divorce. The two had been fighting over custody of their child with frequent updates on social media that didn’t make things better in real life either.

To know more about the video scene and life of Taylor with her husband, follow us. We will keep you updated on the drama that is going on. As people usually throw tantrum on their actual act. This one is little unique as it involved TikTok star Taylor. The real facts will be shared soon after the official statement from the Taylor Frankie. Thousands of fans reacted to the video and story after the video gone viral on reddit and other social platforms.

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