Utterly Unrealistic: This Beer Business Makes Life Look Enjoyable

It’s pretty common for advertisements to push the boundaries of reality to sell a product, but this really goes too far: this beer commercial makes life fun.

Um, yeah, sorry. We have to call this total bullshit.

The new TV commercial for Michelob beer kicks off with a group of attractive 20-year-olds piled into a jeep and headed to the beach with a crate of Michelob beer in tow, at least half of the people involved would be due to the generally frustrating nature of the Most likely life is angry, car sick or somehow unhappy. Upon arrival, the group makes a fire out of driftwood and begins dancing and partying all night. The completely nonsensical ad then ends with a shot of grinning friends hugging each other in the tide, clearly trying to convey the crazy idea that life is some kind of fun adventure to enjoy rather than an endless drudgery to be had grudgingly endured.

What an absolute bummer.

A more honest portrayal of what it feels like to be alive and have beer with friends would have shown at least one of the partygoers talking about his or her personal problems or maybe throwing up behind a lifeguard stand and other awkward romantic passes doing another thing led to a night of deep regret for all concerned. The beach would be buggy, the beer would be warm, and the hum of the alcohol would feel like the symptoms of a mild cold – but Michelob decided to ditch all of that in favor of an entirely unthinkable beach party scene that might as well have been straight out of a fantasy Roman upscale. Sure Michelob has a product to sell, but grossly distorting the truth to make life seem fun is just not okay, and that’s not what we’re here for.

We’ll always call advertisers bullshit when we see it, and we definitely see that now. Thousands of people are misled by this place, believing that life has the potential to be fun and wondering why theirs isn’t, so it’s time for Michelob to get clean. We’re not going to hold our breath, however, because false hopes that life can possibly be comfortable are selling beer. Even so, we keep our eye on Michelob so they’ll hear from us if they dare to do this shit again.

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