Vallejo Rapper Lil Theze Dead: Killed in Oakland Shooting

A shooting near the gas pump at a Chevron station left one person dead, and police are now looking for his next of kin. The victim has been preliminarily identified as Vallejo rapper Lil Theze by multiple outlets who report that he shot himself just after 1 p.m., citing San Francisco undersheriff spokesman Lt. Steverehend Asberry’s release Thursday night on Twitter about this investigation turning into homicide overnight following an initial response from officers responding to ShotSpotter activation until they arrived on scene where it was found out. Vallejo based rapper Lil Theze died in the shooting? Who was he? Let’s put some light on his songs and professional career.

Who was Lil Theze?

Lil Theze was an musical artist and rapper who released his song “Mob Shit” in 2021. We can find his verified Spotify profile where rapper uploaded his music albums and new songs. Lil Theze. He is from the Vallejo city of California, United States. The rapper’s age was in the 20s. He got killed in a robbery incident in Oaklands. Police identified him after hours investigation. The police released an official statement in a press conference outside the hospital of rapper’s death.

Who killed Lil Theze?

A footage has been surfaced on the social media in which we can seen one man is killed in shooting. The Oakland police’s Ceasefire anti-violence initiative got the injuries in shooting. The reported incident is from the West Oakland gas station.

It is unclear what led up to this crime, but authorities are investigating it as possible gang related activity with several victims present who may have been shot at close range.”

In the shooting one men dead on the spot which is reported Vallejo rapper Lil Theze. The other details are not yet told by the police commissioner. They are still investigating the case.

Investigating team working on the case and have not determined what motivated this crime. Investigators are currently seeking other suspects, but it’s unclear if they were in contact with Mr Armstrong before his death

Lil Theze Bio:

Lil Theze was the resident of California. He was a musician and rapper. He released his songs on Youtube and Spotify. The locals are sad on hearing Theze’s death news. The songs released by him are the Still Trippin, 1000 Blues and Mob Shot. You can also go through his official Twitter account which he joined in March 2020. You can also support the rapper family on Gofundme.

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