Vivian Jenna Wilson Musk Instagram, changed name from Xavier Musk

Xavier Alexander Musk cuts all relationship with Elon Musk, changes name and gender

Well, imagine the whole world is getting inspired by you, wants to meet you and know more about you along with all that most importantly wants to learn from you. That is highly amazing right? Then there is another twist we are going to talk about here. You might be knowing that this story might not be that simple at all. We are talking of Elon Musk here. That same billionaire Elon Musk who is the inspiration of many people all around the world. This guy is a superstar for many people all around the globe. Then your son is not your big fan. That saddens the thing a little bit usually.

Who is Vivian Jenna Wilson?

Here we are speaking of the guy Xavier Musk who was born as a son to this great Elon Musk. He is just 18 years old now changed the gender and has become transgender daughter. So, from this part of article we will be saying she.

Vivian even does not prefer to use the surname of her father that many would be wanting as of now. Vivian Jenna is the name that she is preferring and she feels that this is her actual gender identity that she took time to understand.

Elon Musk child changes name and gender

Elon Musk is already 50 years old and supports the Republican party those are always preferring to limit the rights of transgenders. The teenager has now chosen the name Vivian Jenna Wilson by taking the last name of her mother as she wants to see herself as woman and identifies simply as that as of now. You do not know how all these happened and how Elon Musk is handling all these stuffs but you need to feel for their family. Let us hope everyone in their family are doing well and things get better very soon.

Does Vivian Jenna Wilson Instagram account exist?

At the time of writing the post, we found no official Instagram account with the name Vivian Jenna Wilson on the web. Many fans are curious to know the latest updates and news in this case. Vivian Jenna Wilson is the new name of the Xavier Musk.

Soon, we will have Instagram page of the Vivian Jenna Wilson’s with new name and bio data. For more updates, check back news here.

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