VTuber Calysto Face Reveal, age, real name and identity (voice actor)

Who is Vtuber Calysto: Controversy, age and face reveal 

Calysto is a proper high class Youtuber of this era. He is a top-notch Youtuber. His first content was a good quirky comic that was uploaded by him in his Tumblr page. It was way back in 2016 when he had posted. That content was known as Dead End. It was based on forgivemeimasin who is a Tumblr user.

He then went on to make a lot of interesting dubs comically and is now already a fan favorite. He is a great voice actor. He has done a lot of series and those are dedicated to UnderTale. He made his debut as a VTuber on July 21, 2021.

Calysto Age

Calysto is a 22-years old English vtuber and voice actor who is known for making fun and anime videos. He is also known by the name Vaderlyth. The vtuber had revealed the face and identity on the YouTube video on the social media.

Calysto was born on March 12, 2000.

Controversy around Calysto

He had been entangled in a lot of controversies in the past and it includes abuses, grooming, and manipulation. He was with Vade and her friends till late 2018 but now they are separated because of manipulation and this was posted by Starbot Dubs in a Tumblr post.

It has been a long enough gap after the controversy that is why whenever Calysto speaks about it he prefers to speak as a summary only. It was a very hard time for this great guy but now he is overcoming the time he actually lost.

Facts about Calysto

Many people do not only UnderTale is not the only thing Calysto enjoys. He also enjoys Runescape and Smash too. He has also good interest in filmmaking and wants to follow that path to fulfill his desire as soon as possible very easily.

Calysto has also done cosplay and he had done it as Kylo Ren. He has got a very vibrant life and people love him for that. He has got a very huge future ahead and everyone can see that he will be very successful without any doubt at all.

FAQs about Calysto

1) What is Calysto real name and face?

The Calysto’s real name is not revealed. He had revealed his face on YouTube.

2) How much is Calysto net worth?

The vtuber Calysto net worth is $4569K.

3) Who is Calysto new girlfriend?

The Calysto’s girlfriend name is not known.

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