WandaVision: Is Evan Peters Taking part in Pietro Maximoff?

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Talk about a mid-season recast! The latest episode of WandaVision brings a surprise in the form of Wanda’s long-lost twin brother Pietro. He made his first and last appearance in Avangers: Age of Ultron when he was introduced with his twin sister before it met its end during the Battle of Sokovia. Pietro’s return would have shocked fans about his death regardless of other circumstances (although that didn’t stop Vision), but it’s his face that really surprised us. Aaron Taylor-Johnson played him before, but in WandaVisionIn the fifth episode, Evan Peters portrays Wanda’s big brother. It could be a simple rewrite to measure yourself against fans, or it could lead to much bigger things in the MCU.

Peters is not unfamiliar with the mercury mantle. The American horror story Actor played Peter Maximoff for Fox X-Men Franchise, a character completely removed from the MCU’s lore. It didn’t have a twin sister, wasn’t from Sokovia, or resembled its MCU counterpart in any way, which makes sense given the split between the two franchises. But if Peters plays the new Pietro – and Disney officially took over Fox in 2019 – the question is whether it is a collision case between the X-Men and Avengers, or, as Darcy Lewis appropriately put it, a rewrite about Wanda’s brother?

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Everything indicates that Wanda is in control of Westview, right down to what people do and say. So Darcy asks if the former Socovian has re-cast her brother in her sitcom life. But even Wanda looks shocked until she is struck speechless. She finally seems to realize he’s her brother and welcome him to her house, but the entire scene alludes to the fact that she has no idea how he got there. She even said to Vision when the doorbell rang that she hadn’t. This means that Pietro came to Westview, but not from her hand. We have theorized that Wanda does not have complete control of her situation beforehand, but if nothing else, this situation signals that other plans are at work here than Wanda, who is only trying to create a home with vision.

At the beginning of the episode, Jimmy asked what the real identities of Wanda’s sons were. Monica responded by stating that the kids are really Wanda and Vision. So, is this Pietro being honest, Pietro, or is he someone who was ripped off the street to disguise himself as Wanda’s twin brother? If it’s the latter, where is he from and who changed his memories? Why should Wanda accept him as her brother when she knows what her brother looks like? And who is he really? The most obvious theory is Peter Maximoff from Another World, but if that were true then how did he get to Westview? If this Pietro is an entirely new magical entity like Wanda’s son, will he go away when they are doomed? Why was it created? Who made him?

So many questions! We have to wait for more WandaVision In order to get concrete answers, we currently only know that there is a new Pietro in the city. Let’s hope he’s up to something good.

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